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Building The Inside Design Office – Interior Office Design

Hello and welcome back to our blog. Our past two posts on the Snapcracker project explored both the progress as well as the completion of their interior design and office fit out. We’ve decided to continue down that path and show our readers how we designed and built our own office located in Crows Nest – starting with the interior office design.

When we decided on this office in 2014, the previous owner was essentially using it solely as a storage space. Prior to commencing the office fit out, we needed to develop an interior office design that would allow us to efficiently use the floor space and create a modern, open plan office.

Our open plan office requirements were as follows

  • Four workstations
  • A central space for client meetings
  • A fully furnished breakout area
  • A small server room

The interior office design successfully addresses all of our requirements. We were able to fit the work stations, kitchen, and a large table for client meetings in an office with no internal full height partitions, allowing the office to maintain the desired open plan aesthetic.

You can see the original state of the office in the photos below, including the total space we had to work with for our design and fit out.

Our next blog will focus on the office fit out process, and include information and photos of our office as it is today.




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