August 26, 2017 Ben Watts

Building the Inside Design Office – Part Two

Welcome back to our blog. We made a post a few weeks ago talking about the progress of our own office design and fit out. As a company who specialises in designing and building modern, attractive, and functional offices for companies big and small, we wanted to make sure our office showcased both our vision and work.


As you saw in our part one of this blog post, our Crows Nests location was originally a dilapidated, unused storage space. We were able to design an office that not only met our logistical requirements, but was also a beautiful and functional fit out that we could comfortably work in and bring clients to.


As you can see from some of the photos attached, our finished office fit out has transformed the location to an attractive office space with a focus on the following aspects:


Open Plan Office


We utilised the space available to create a roomy open plan office, promoting an environment in which we can easily communicate and collaborate. The office size isn’t huge, so it was important for us to keep the floor plan as minimal as possible, and to avoid closing off the space by keeping the workstation walls low enough for us to easily communicate as a team, but high enough to allow a private and practical working environment.


Meeting Space


Another important aspect of our office fit out was to incorporate a large meeting table central to the office design. We wanted an office that would not only easily work together in, but a space where we could also comfortably host clients.

Our central meeting table seats six people – and is not only highly practical, but serves as the centrepiece for our office design.


Work Stations


We incorporated four huge workstations into our office fit out. Each workstation contains a massive L-shaped desk, big enough to operate our desktop computers, laptops, fully unfolded office design plans for jobs, and literally anything else we need on a day to day basis. Our workstations are a product of our overall office design vision – allowing us to easily communicate and to promote co-working, communication, and sharing ideas.


Office Fit Out


You’ve probably got a fair idea of what we wanted out of our office design. However, having the perfect office design is one thing, but it means nothing without a great office fit out to implement that design.


The combination of our team of highly skilled tradesmen, carefully sourced, high quality materials, and state of the art furnishings allowed our office design to become a reality. The result is a fantastic modern office that we enjoy working out of and are proud to bring clients to.


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