A Quick Look At Office Refurbishments

When it comes down to looking at your office fit out options, it’s always important to consider staying in your current location and refurbishing that. It may not be the right choice depending on your needs and requirements, but there can be merit to this kind of office refurbishment.


One of the most significant benefits is simply the cost. Planning and building a new office fit out can obviously be a costly exercise, but refurbishing your existing office can cut many of those costs. There is less to design, less to build, and less effort in ending and starting a new lease.


Beginning an existing office refurbishment still allows you to the opportunity to address existing issues within your previous fit out. It can be an opportunity to utilise unused space to build more offices, or conversely demolish existing walls to open up new space. You are still afforded the opportunity to address the carpet, ceilings, furniture, walls, and doors – to name a few aspects.


There are certainly downsides to beginning an office refurbishment, especially if the working is being completed while your office space is still occupied. While the bulk of noisy construction will generally be completed outside your work hours, there are other factors to consider. The fit out will often be completed in stages, meaning that it could extend the timeline of the project, and may causes some logistical issues that could cause a degree of disruption to your staff – if they are still working from the site.


These are just a few factors to take on board when you are considering refurbishing your office. Any good office fit out company will be able to help you make the right decision, and work with you from start to finish to bring your vision to fruition.

Snapcracker – Office Design & Fitout Update

Hello and welcome. For those who are new to our blog, we are Inside Design – a Sydney based office fitout company.


A few weeks ago we made our first blog post introducing you to one of our recent projects – an office design and fitout for Snapcracker, a research & development company located in Crows Nest.


We’ve recently completed their design and fitout and would like to give our readers an update on Snapcracker’s new office, as well as some photos of the unfurnished office space.


Snapcracker needed a complete office refurbishment, meaning we started with a blank canvas. The first step was to work with the client to create a complete design of what their office would look like. Working within a set budget, we managed to incorporate all of the client’s requirements into the design.


Those requirements included:
• two main, glass front offices
• an open plan working space
• a fully serviced kitchen
• a service room to facilitate printing &    communication systems
• all electrical, plumbing, carpeting, and tiling services
• joinery for the entire office


Here are some photos we took of the completed office fitout. We will be back soon with more posts featuring some of the new projects we are currently working on.


Snapcracker Office Fitout Progress 2

Snapcracker Office Fitout Progress 2

Snapcracker Office Fitout Progress 2

Snapcracker Office Fitout Progress 2

Snapcracker – Office Design & Fitout Progress

Hi – we are Inside Design, an office fitout company based in Sydney. Welcome to our very first blog post. The purpose of this blog is to show you what we do, and how we do it. We realised that having photos on our website and Facebook isn’t really enough. We want to use real projects for real clients, and document the progress of these projects – from start to finish.

We recently received an enquiry from Snapcracker, a research and strategy company based in Crows Nest, who were impressed by our website and our past work. Snapcracker were in need of a small office fitout for their Sydney location, and we met up with their team to put together an office design that met both their scope and budget.


While Snapcracker’s office space isn’t large, there were a lot of requirements that we needed to meet with our office design. This included necessary certification, custom joinery, and a new kitchen. Being a business that relies heavily on technology, we also had to carefully plan and incorporate a complete, end-to-end communication system into the small office fitout.


We put forth an office design that covered everything in the scope, and Snapcracker enthusiastically approved, and due to relatively strict timelines, we started moving forward with the office fitout immediately.


That pretty much leads us to right now, so here are some ‘in progress’ photos. You can come back and look at these when we make our next post in a couple of weeks featuring the finished Snapcracker job, and appreciate the full transformation.


We’ll be back soon to show you the finished project.


Snapcracker Office Fitout Progress 2

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